Support Center: Request Forms for Applications to the Examination Board

Application Information

After submitting your filled form your application will either be forwarded to the board of examiners immediately by e-mail or a letter is generated in PDF format. Please follow the instructions on how to proceed given on the indivdual application sites in either case.

Your application will be handled in the next meeting of the board of examiners at the latest.

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Request Forms for Computer Science B.Sc., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher (in german)

Academic Advising

Computer Science B.Sc.:
Dr. Ralf Schlüter

Computer Science M.Sc.:
Peter Collienne, M.Sc.

Computer Science B.Sc., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher:
Dr. Christof Löding

Software Systems Engineering M.Sc.:
Dipl.-Inform. Stefan Schiffer