International Students: Before Your Studies

Informatik Bilderreihe

Computer science is logical, colorful, creative, fascinating, communicative and just about anywhere ...

Our Courses of Study

Innovative programs, leadership positions in major university rankings: computer science at the RWTH Aachen is guaranteed first-class. In all bachelor's or master's programs we offer high-calibre academic quali­fi­ca­tions with practical experience from the beginning. About one-fifth of the students come from all over the world. A highly international environment and multicultural diversity all contribute to a stimulating learning atmosphere.

Intense student support by the professors, a network of partner universities in several countries and intense contacts to our cooperartion partners already provide the opportunity of gaining international study and work experience during studies.

A unique feature of the computer science program at RWTH Aachen is the program’s extensive cooperation with the engineering sciences and the regional computer science industry, a fact which gives students the opportunity to gather hands-on experience early on.

Courses of Study and International Masterprograms

Planning Your Stay

If you have been accepted for a course of study at RWTH Aachen, there are several steps which should be thought of.

In addition to the financing of your studies an efficient planning of your stay is essential. To help you getting started in Aachen, a great deal of information on theses topics is available on the following site.